Miley the Dalmatian broke the world record by giving birth to a huge litter of 18 puppies. The most incredible thing about this story is that the vets said the doggie was supposed to have only three puppies!

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Puppies are the cutest creatures on the planet, and it seems one can never have too many of them

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However, taking care of and raising puppies is by no means easy. It's almost the same as raising and taking care of a baby. The little ones need to be fed on time, taught new things, monitored every step, and carefully cared for. Now imagine you have not just one puppy... but 18 of them!

Not 101 Dalmatians, but 18 isn't bad either!

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Miley the Dalmatian was about to welcome the first litter of puppies. After a sonogram, the vet counted only three puppies. It was only later that it was clear why Miley's owner and breeder, Cecilia Langton-Bankergot, was puzzled when puppies appeared endlessly one by one during labor.

Miley welcomed 16 puppies. But that wasn't the end: 14 hours later she gave birth to two more babies. The huge litter of 18 puppies was a record for Australia, equaling the world Dalmatian breed record.

The little ones are growing up

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Such a large number of puppies attracted the attention of mass media. The mother dog was even compared to the character in the movie 101 Dalmatians Perdita, who gave birth to 15 Dalmatian puppies.

There were 12 girls and 6 boys in the litter, and all the puppies were born absolutely healthy. They were vaccinated and chipped

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We can imagine what fun reigned in the home of the breeder after the appearance of so many babies!

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Just take a look at these newborn baby dalmatians

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