Every time Krista went to her boyfriend's place, she would see a cat wandering around. The cat often approached her, so she got concerned about the furry friend. Eventually, Krista made the decision to adopt him and devised a plan to capture the furry beauty.

On the way to her partner's home, Krista was always happy to see her cat friend again. She got very attached to him, and even named him Cow after his black and white coat. As the days went by, Krista came up with the idea of taking him in as she had fallen in love with the kitty.

Cow regularly showed up at the front door. At first, Krista thought he was owned by a neighbor. She eventually concluded that the cat had no family, as he spent his time outside. So the kind woman started feeding him, while staying by his side on the porch.

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"I just wanted to know if he was okay"

Winter had just ended and the night temperatures were still low. Krista was worried about her furry friend outside. The arrival of summer, with its frequent thunderstorms, did not reassure her. Eventually, in bad weather, she couldn't help thinking about Cow.

Krista became more and more concerned about his well-being: "He had become my cat," she wrote. She started thinking about adopting Cow: "I just couldn't get that vision out of my head [...] of Cow lying on a cat tree by the window, knowing that he would never have to fight for his life again," she recalled.


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"We've already chosen each other"

Krista made her decision: she was going to catch Cow and adopt him. Nevertheless, the task proved to be more complex than expected. Whether it was appetizing food or a cat trap, the animal was not to be fooled! In a final attempt, Krista sat down next to him and gave him some treats. The smart one let his guard off, allowing his rescuer to wrap him up in a jacket.

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At first frightened, Cow eventually calmed down and was taken to the vet. The vet confirmed that he was a male, and that he did not have a microchip. Krista became his human. A few days later, Cow understood that he was in his real home and enjoyed the comfort of it.

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Krista is thrilled to have kept him. She loves him unconditionally: "You never realize how much you are capable of loving until you are the one responsible for a pet's well-being," she said.

Would you adopt a stray cat?

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