For many years volunteers and vets from Shrewsbury, UK, have been helping stray or abandoned cats and providing them with food, free medical care, and helping them to find new owners. The hardest thing for them to do is to help elderly and chronically ill cats. For this reason, a group of volunteers built a small village for these animals, consisting of several wooden mini cottages.

In the makeshift retirement home, senior cats enjoy a comfortable life, while volunteers take care of them, monitor their health, and sometimes even invite local children to read books to the kitties. "The shelter was intended to create an area for cats who were too elderly or had ongoing health conditions that needed regular treatment and monitoring to live out their days in comfort," says volunteer veterinarian Susie.

Each of the cottages is designed for two residents, with two beds, food and play area, and a litter box. There is a shady garden around the cottages, where active animals can climb trees or just get some fresh air.

Source: goodnewsnetwork

"Our shelter also helps seniors who are going to move into a nursing home but can't take their beloved cats with them. We help these people not feel guilty about their pets by taking their animals to a comfortable environment where they live out their days in peace," Susie adds.

Volunteers and veterinarians work seven days a week in all weather conditions and never leave their residents unattended. There is also a small cemetery on the grounds of the village, where volunteers place memorial stones for each of the animals who have passed away.

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Source: goodnewsnetwork

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