Several years ago an Oregon resident got into a tight spot. His own daughter accused him of harassment, and a jury convicted him of the crime. The sentence was 50 years in prison... That's a hard decision to accept, especially when you didn't do anything illegal, but this story has a happy ending.

Joshua Horner, 43, of Redmond, Oregon, has been through a real nightmare. His own underage daughter accused him of molesting her. The girl told police that her father had threatened her and shot their dog dead to intimidate her.

Source: Daily Mail

According to the girl's story, the victim was not only her, but also her Labrador named Lucy. The dog had just disappeared at the time, so Horner could not prove that he did not commit the crime. The Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to helping innocent people who have been incarcerated, got interested in the case.

Source: Daily Mail

The only evidence was the daughter's word against the father's, no other evidence than the missing dog was available to the court, but the jury did convict. Joshua was sentenced to 50 years in prison. The man was sure the dog was alive, so the Innoncence Project Center staff started looking for the dog. In their opinion, she might have just run away even before the allegations against Horner were made.

Source: Daily Mail

Lucy's story turned out to be confusing. Horner's legal team discovered that a dog that looked like her had been adopted by new owners, but it was unknown where exactly – there were several addresses, so they had to travel around almost the entire county, looking for the dog. In the end, they still managed to get a meeting with Lucy's new owners. The dog was unharmed and happy, thanks to documentation the Innocence Project proved to the court that the black Labrador was exactly the same dog that had been living with the accused man.

Source: Daily Mail

Prosecutor John Hummel later said that first he had been unsure of Joshua's innocence, but after the dog was found, all his daughter's words came into question. The girl refused to communicate with authorities. In the end, the man was released and all charges were dropped.

Do you think Horner will ever reconcile with his daughter?

Source: Daily Mail

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