When riding through the woods, a cyclist heard a pitiful squeak. The man went to the source of the sound and saw a little kitten crying under a tree.

Source: The Dodo

Matthew Patry, from Canada, first thought he had come across an ordinary domestic kitten, but when he saw the animal up close, he realized it was a lynx.

Source: The Dodo

Matthew was unsure if its mother would come back for the baby, so he decided to take the lynx home with him for the night to make sure it was okay.

Source: The Dodo

The next day, the guy returned to the woods to look for the baby's mother, but she was nowhere to be seen. That's when Matthew reported the little one to Wild Animal Services.

Source: The Dodo

The specialists said that the baby was severely dehydrated and small for its age; it had probably lost its mother a long time ago. At first, the baby will live in a zoo, and when it is stronger, it will be decided whether or not it can be released into the wild.

Source: The Dodo

Do you think lynxes can live with humans?

Source: The Dodo

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