A cat named Jimmy suddenly disappeared from the home of his owner, Meike Vielsack from Germany. Two days after the cat had gone missing, Vielsack got concerned about her pet.

Source: The Dodo

She unsuccessfully tried to find Jimmy, hanging flyers on the streets, posting on social media, and asking neighbors. The woman no longer hoped to be reunited with her pet, since he had been missing for two whole weeks.

It turned out that Jimmy wasn't far away, but in a place no one would ever think to look

Source: The Dodo

Just then, a man who lived in the house next door had had a new concrete floor installed in his garage. Shortly thereafter, he started hearing strange sounds, resembling a pitiful meow, coming from somewhere outside the house.

At first it was unclear where the meowing was coming from, but then the man pinpointed the source of the sound. It was coming from under the freshly poured concrete!

Source: The Dodo

Then the neighbor called Vielsack because he had heard that her cat was missing and guessed that it could be him meowing. Two weeks had passed since Jimmy went missing.

In order to free the meowing prisoner, they had to call rescuers and conduct an entire rescue operation. A suitably sized hole was dug in the corner of the garage.

The owner recognized her Jimmy by his voice, "I was standing nearby and he started meowing. I recognized him right away!"

Source: The Dodo

The frightened cat flatly refused to come out, and only came out after long 10-hour entreaties! After such a stressful incident, Vielsack took the cat to the vet, who said that although the cat had lost a lot of weight, he was fine.

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Finally, the missing cat was home!

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According to Vilsack, the cat must have crawled into a crevice under the floor looking for a mouse and then got spooked by the noise of the construction work and crawled further in. "It was the saddest two weeks of my life," Vilsack recalls. "It's crazy that he's still alive, but I'm so happy."

Have your pets ever hidden in unusual places?

Source: The Dodo

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