An elderly woman surrendered her beautiful 50-year-old green parrot, Tinky, to a special parrot shelter. From the first days it was clear that the new bird was special as he had strange and sweet habits which no one could resist!

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When Tinky came to the shelter, he was 50 years old!

Tinky came to Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in Kansas after his elderly owner could no longer take good care of him. However, the fact that he had been reverently cared for all his life by one owner had taken its toll.

Of all the birds in the shelter, 50-year-old Tinky is the most unusual. Often owners surrender parrots to the shelter if they become too restless or their behavior gets worse. Tinky was different – he is calm and well-mannered, unlike the others.

The bird shelter founder Kail Marie immediately agreed to take in the old beauty. In addition to him, Marie takes care of another 55 birds in the shelter

Source: The Dodo

From the first days Marie has noticed that Tinky is surprisingly curious: he loves watching her prepare food for the other parrots. He always tries to stay close to Marie, and virtually follows her everywhere.

Source: The Dodo

Then he's revealed another interesting feature: he loves food!

And in addition, since he is an old bird, he often takes a nap during the day. Marie has noticed that he often combines his favorite activities and falls asleep while eating.

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Also, this parrot is a housewife's dream. He loves to help Marie with the dishes, watching her during the whole process, and naturally falls asleep during these moments, too.

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"He has stolen my heart," Marie says

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Indeed, this feathered beauty is sure to charm anyone!

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Source: The Dodo

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