A dog from Malaysia named Bairava was able to reunite with her owner after a video featuring her went viral. The pet spent four days waiting despite the bad weather.

The pooch is waiting for her owner. Source: TikTok

So sad. Source: TikTok

Bairava the dog went missing eight months ago. Her owner Vaani had been seriously ill for a long time but once she recovered, the woman started looking for her pet... Unfortunately, the search yielded no results. However, a video she came across on social media helped her find her dog.


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It wasn't clear where the dog had been all this time, but last month she came to the store and stayed near it for several days. The store owner tried to shelter her, but Bairava wouldn't agree. Then the man made a touching video and shared it in the hope that her owner would recognize the pet and pick her up. And so it turned out.

Vaani with her dog. Source: TikTok

Vaani adopted Bairava from a shelter five years ago. The woman adored her beloved pet, so the loss of the dog was a huge blow to her. The happy reunion after such a long period of time was a miracle. This story proves that one should never lose hope and never give up.

Happy family. Source: TikTok

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