When Tati moved to Istanbul, Turkey with her Labrador Pepega, she knew how warmly animals were treated there. Stray cats and dogs are fed and cared for, allowed into stores, stroked, and cuddled by passersby.

Pepega the dog. Source: Instagram

Several days ago, Tati and her dog, as usual, went grocery shopping in the local store. "We bought pasta and went out. Then I saw Pepega walk forward confidently with his mouth closed. I thought he found a bone. I said, "Open your mouth. Spit! Open it," Tati recalled. At the same second, a lemon muffin slowly fell out of the dog's mouth...

Pepega the dog. Source: Instagram

When asked what happened to the dog's "loot," Tati said she returned to the store, paid for the purchase, and then ate the dessert herself.

The cupcake. Source: Instagram

Have your pets ever stolen anything from stores?

Source: pets.mail

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