While working in the vegetable garden, a South Carolina resident heard a strange sound in a garbage can left open. It was a tiny possum trapped in the garbage! The rainwater half-filled the trash can, and the baby couldn't get out on its own.

The little one was cold, hungry, and exhausted

Source: The Dodo

The tiny possum was spotted by a South Carolina resident while he was working in his garden. The animal was cold and hungry, and didn't hope to be rescued. Most likely, the little one was looking for food and accidentally fell into the garbage can, which by then was half filled with rainwater.

Source: The Dodo

Thanks to the staff of a special possum rescue organization, The Opossum Pouch Rescue, the poor thing was rescued. The female possum was terribly frightened, but her ordeal had finally been over.

Unfortunately, the possum is unlikely to return to the wild

Source: The Dodo

Veterinarians diagnosed the possum named Pudding with lung issues, ear and paw cracks, and immediately began treatment. After all the procedures, the possum slept all day long.

By all the sad signs, Pudding is unlikely to return to the wild: she is severely underweight, and in addition, vets suspect she has a head injury from being hit by a car or attacked by a predator.

Source: The Dodo

Fortunately, an opossum rescue organization is working with animals like Pudding. Since life in the wild will be difficult for her because of her injuries, she will stay at the rescue center, surrounded by care and affection, full and happy.

Specialists warn South Carolina residents that open trash cans can be a death trap for wild animals!

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"She's very shy and fearful, but she seems to understand that she's finally safe now," the rescue center staff says.

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Source: The Dodo

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