When wildfire was ravaging in California, people panicked and left their homes before they could take their pets with them. This dog survived and waited until the last moment for his owners...

When the house was on fire, the owners of Madison the dog rushed to escape, having forgotten about their pet. Fortunately, the dog survived, and stayed by the burnt-out house in the hope that his owners would return.

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Sheila Sullivan, a local volunteer, found the Anatolian sheepherd dog near his charred home and tried to pick him up, but Madison wouldn't leave the ashes. Sullivan recounted Madison's incredible story on Facebook.

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"Madison's owners couldn't get to him when the fire broke out. They hoped and prayed the dog would be okay. When they finally got permission to return to their property where their house once stood ... Madison was there waiting for them, as if guarding his old home. Never give up!"

Source: petpop

The dog's owners saw the post, and immediately rushed to pick up their pet.

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Source: petpop

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