Lonely little brother and sister were looking through the office window with hungry eyes, never leaving each other's side.

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An interesting incident happened in Montreal, Canada. Two little stray kittens snuck into an industrial area, where stray animals frequently wandered in. The intruders didn't remain unnoticed for a long time since they were peering in a window with such a miserable and hungry look that no one could remin indifferent.  

The staffers approached the kittens, but the fearful babies ran away into the bushes. They came up with the idea to bait the kittens with a piece of chicken but to no avail. One kitten grabbed the chicken and ran away.

It turned out that the kittens had already been seen in the area with their mother. The only survivors among their siblings, they were left to fend for themselves. The staff thought that it was dangerous for the kittens to be left alone, so they called in specialists.

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Volunteers with a local animal rescue set humane traps around the area to take the kittens and their mother cat to safety. The kittens, a boy and a girl, shared a strong bond. They stayed together the whole time.

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The kittens and their mother were taken to a shelter. The siblings were named Masala and Chamalow. From the beginning they were very frightened and wouldn't leave each other's side. They quickly found a family to take them in.

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Their foster parents immediately noticed the surprisingly strong bond between brother and sister. Chamalow was very protective of his humble little sister.

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Only over time, the shy babies started to open up, take more interest in the world around them and interact with their foster parents. They still don't trust people, but they easily find common ground with other cats.

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Masala and Chamalow have already got used to other cats living with their foster parents. They pick up their habits and learn from them all the necessary cat stuff. They love to have fun playing with the whole cat team, running around the house. And most importantly, brother and sister stay together all the time!

Have you ever helped an animal in trouble?

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