Beginning a journey, a driver realized that there was a kitten in his engine. However, the man couldn't reach it, so he turned to the police for help. One of the officers fell in love with the kitty.

In Genoa, northwestern Italy, there is an elevated highway with busy traffic. An elderly man was driving his Suzuki Swift when he heard a strange noise in the engine.

According to La Voce di Genova, these noises seemed to the man quite unusual and made the Italian stop. Once on the hard shoulder, he lifted the hood to check where they could come from.

Source: Instagram

A stowaway

Looking inside, the man saw a tiny tabby kitten. The baby had probably been trying to warm up in the engine. Unfortunately, once the car was running, this comfortable shelter became a real burning trap. It was necessary to get the little one out of the car before starting it again.

But the task proved to be more complex than expected. At the sight of the driver, the fearful animal crawled deeper into the engine. It was now inaccessible, and kept meowing. Helpless, the driver had no choice but to call the police.

Source: Instagram

A double rescue

Some time later the police arrived at the scene and helped to get the baby out. Fortunately, the kitten wasn't injured. One of the officers picked it up and fell in love with it. The kitten seemed more relaxed around its rescuer.

The police officer decided to adopt the baby. She named it Swift after the car model. Watch the video of this amazing rescue below:

Have you ever helped a stray?

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