When Karenlynn Stracher, a wildlife rehabilitator and rescuer, hears that there is an animal in trouble, she immediately heads to the rescue scene. Recently, she has been told about a small animal trapped in the middle of a local highway. Stracher couldn't but help.

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When Stracher arrived at the location, she saw a lonely possum sitting on the median. The poor thing was so scared that it wouldn't move from its place. As a rule, in such cases, Stracher calls the police so that they could stop the traffic. However, this time they couldn't come.

Stracher decided to act on her own. She cautiously watched the traffic and when there was a break in traffic, she quickly made it to the median.

Source: TikTok

The rescuer wrapped the possum in a soft blanket and ran to her car. Mission completed!


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Examining the possum for possible injuries, Stracher saw that the guy was doing well and released him into the wild.

"I'm happy that he has a place nearby that is safe and provides him access to water and natural foods," Stracher said.

As his ordeal was over, the possum quickly made it into the woods.

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Thank you, Karenlynn, for rescuing this cutie! We hope that he'll never dare to cross a busy highway again.

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