Not all shelter animals are lucky enough to be adopted quickly. Some, like Pluto, have to wait in their kennels for years.

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The Pitbull cross was rescued by Dogs Trust volunteers in November 2012. A 6-week-old puppy, he hoped to grow up in a loving family.

His first adoption was a great joy for him. Alas, his owners brought him back to the shelter two years later. Days, weeks, months, and years passed without anyone bothering to give him a chance.

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Tears of joy

Pluto became a staff favorite and the humane society's mascot. The whole team prayed that their adorable protégé would finally taste the happiness he so much deserved.

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Finally, 7 years after setting foot in the shelter, the dog received the most heartwarming news. One family had fallen in love with him and wanted to adopt him! "We're so happy for Pluto," said Dogs Trust team member Sandra Ruddell, adding "he was a popular dog here. Many tears of joy were shed when we saw him go."

A new start!

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Being 9 years old, Pluto finally experienced the thrill of love. When his new family came to him, the dog was very friendly. "He showed them how gentle, affectionate, and enthusiastic he was," Ruddell added.

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His new owners also expressed their delight, saying they felt "as if Pluto had always been there."

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After years of waiting, the dog is happy to turn the page and begin a new chapter in his life. 

We wish Pluto and his new family many happy years together!

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