Given how fast property prices are skyrocketing, it's no wonder that enthusiasts are finding alternative ways to get their own roof over their heads. Take, for example, this creative American girl. She is an artist, designer, builder and welder who has managed to turn a small garage into a cosy and modern dwelling with all the amenities.

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What comes to mind when you think of a garage? Chances are, everyone thinks of a modest space designed for parking a car. At the very least, images of a cluttered warehouse come to mind. Although enterprising people, who are forced by life to look for options for arrangement of their own dwelling, you can use the room not for its intended purpose. That's exactly what a creative girl from Minnesota did, who had previously fallen into the bondage of a mortgage, and her income had become a bit hard to come by.

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When life threw her into a small town in southeastern Minnesota and she had to make a choice about transforming her garage, she did not fret and immediately started planning. Given the garage's more than modest size, with only room for one car, Michelle decided to make a small extension and raise its height by 1 metre. Professionals helped her with that, and the rest she managed on her own. She even managed to learn how to use a welding machine, so that she could save money on craftsmen.

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It didn't take long for the charming girl to get her own house, even though it is 23 square metres (not including the bedroom). Michelle lived in a converted garage for a while, but after getting married she moved in with her husband, leaving her house behind. Having got involved in building a family nest, the couple rented out the garage, which was a small help in life.

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The original garage has been transformed into an open-plan living area, centred around a living room with an unusual sofa and a real fireplace. A good-looking bench that perfectly replaces the coffee table and dining table; several open shelves for books and trinkets; a leather bar chair; and a pair of metal drawers that used to hold tools all help to create a distinctive interior, in which several trends, from industrial high-tech to rustic, are intertwined.

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