Ricochet is no ordinary dog. The Golden Retriever has devoted all her life to kids and adults with a variety of conditions. Now it's time for her to rest and take care of her health.

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Ricochet joined Surf Dog in San Diego, California, in 2009. Since then, the therapy dog has worked wonders, bringing smiles back to the faces of many people.

A Golden Retriever with magical powers

From children with disabilities to wounded veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, everyone who has crossed paths with Ricochet has come out a better person in some way. The dog doesn't just interact with them, she has magical powers that have helped them all move on.

The members of Surf Dog are so proud of her virtues that they've been recounting them for years on their Instagram account.

Ricochet's last surfing ride was with Jose Martinez, a man who lost his arm and two legs after stepping on a bomb in Afghanistan. Their surfing sessions gave the man such a boost of inspiration that he plans to compete in future Paralympic Games in 2028. Now Ricochet can congratulate herself on ending her career on this high note.

Time to rest

The doggie is now resting by the side of those who have loved her from day one. The 14-year-old Golden Retriever suffers from liver and kidney conditions, as well as arthritis.

Fortunately, Ricochet shows few, if any, symptoms of these ailments, perhaps because she continues to live in the environment that has made her happy all her life. Of course, we wish her many happy years!

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