Murphy the Maine Coon weighs 24.3lbs and is 3 ft 5 in long from nose to tail, a hair's breadth away from a world record. And since Murphy is only 12 months old, he's still growing.

His owner Sareeta Brewin, 46, says she spends a fortune to feed Murphy, who eats 60lbs (about $75) of dry food each month. The proud owner likes that people often mistake her pet cat for a dog or even a lion cub.

Brewin, a happy mom of three, lives in Worcester, England, and works as a manager in the medical industry. She says Murphy joined them in November 2021.

Source: Daily Mail

"He was 13 or 14 weeks old, and then he was the same size as our cat," she said. "Now they look like a cat and mouse next to each other."

"Maine Coons grow up to three years old, so who knows how big Murphy will get. He's already the size of a dog."

Source: Daily Mail

"I knew he was going to be big, but I didn't expect him to be this big. Right now the other cats look tiny compared to him," Brewin says.

"People sometimes mistake him for a dog or make remarks to us about walking a wild cat. Some people ask, "Is that a lion?" The cat looks a lot like a lion."

Source: Daily Mail

Murphy has recently chewed up several sets of garlands and iPhone cables, which cost the family $365 to replace.

The family calls the beautiful kitty Thor because he's very handsome, like the famous movie character, even though he's pretty chubby. He eats quite a lot ... Brewin is glad that her kitty prefers dry food because it would be very expensive if he lived on meat. "It would cost us a fortune," Brewin admits.

Source: Daily Mail

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The woman even had to buy a dog carrier for Murphy because he doesn't fit in the cat carrier.

"He acts like both a cat and a dog. He looks like a dog in that he greets us and brings us his toys and offers to play with him. He is very vocal just like a Husky."

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Basically, he's still a kitten, running around the house and doing crazy races. Murphy gets along with dogs and another family cat, sometimes they even play together.

Brewin will monitor Murphy's size over the next few years to see if he breaks the record.

Source: Daily Mail

She is sure that her cat will grow by several inches. Murphy has yet to break the world record of Stewie, a Maine Coon from Nevada, who measures a whopping 4 feet long.

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Source: Daily Mail

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