Chelsea Blackwell had an extraordinary day, and went through all kinds of emotions. When her dog went missing, she felt panic, fear, and sadness. And when a celebrity brought it back to her her feelings were surprise, joy, and admiration!

Chelsea spent over an hour searching for her dog

Blue is a 15-year-old Dachshund. One day, he escaped his owner Chelsea and got lost in Albany, New York. Chelsea spent over an hour driving around, calling her dog's name out the window and asking people if they'd seen him.

With no sign of the Dachshund, the owner headed towards a crowd she had noticed.

Source: Times Union

Chelsea initially mistook the movie set for a crime scene

The gathering in question was in fact a movie set, but Chelsea initially thought it was a crime scene. "I noticed there were about eight police cars and people with cameras. I thought someone must have been shot," she confessed.

Chelsea approached the scene and realized it was staged. She asked the staff on site if they had seen her dog. Much to her surprise, the answer was yes. A celebrity had indeed found Blue and taken him to safety. The film crew contacted the actress and told Chelsea to wait.

Source: Times Union

An hour passed, during which Chelsea really doubted she'd get her dog back. But finally, she saw a famous actress arrive by car: Hilary Swank. When the star got out of her car, Blue was on her lap. Chelsea was shocked.

Relieved to have her pet back, she took the opportunity to ask Hilary Swank for an autograph. The actress even suggested taking a photo of this unusual moment.

Source: Times Union

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