This place can evoke mixed feelings. On the one hand, the people of this village live in an artificial world, which seems unfair. But on the other hand, this approach to containing the sick seems very effective and humane.

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In the Dutch village of Hogeweyk live 152 people. Their life is no different from that of ordinary people. They eat, sleep, walk, go to stores and cafes. But they are all being watched! And all because Hogeweyk is actually a medical facility with an innovative approach to treatment, all of whose residents are demented.

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The main task of the "village" is to create for patients the illusion of normal life. None of them even suspects that they are in a psychiatric hospital, and that they are controlled day and night by medics. There are no wards here - all patients live in houses in groups of 6-7 people. One or two caregivers live with them. The interior of the houses is different. It depends on the time when the patients lost their short-term memory. 

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Patients are free to walk around the neighborhood, relax in the parks, and admire the fountains. And the nursing staff communicates with them under the guise of cashiers, clerks, and so on.

The villagers are unable to leave, as their houses form an area beyond which it is impossible to go. The nursing staff monitors patients approaching the perimeter and politely distracts them by directing them in a different direction.

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The "artificial" world is considered by many to be a real breakthrough in the treatment of people suffering from dementia.


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