When Sunflower, a stray cat, realized she was pregnant, she went in search of help to feed her future babies. She spotted a house where the living room window was open and somebody was inside. So she approached it and waited as if sensing that good souls would be willing to take care of her and her little ones.

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The family immediately fed Sunflower

Sunflower was indeed in the right place, as that home belonged to Kara Yancey, a foster volunteer with Living The Dream Rescue, Arizona. As soon as Kara saw Sunflower, she placed some food on the porch. She immediately realized that her feline guest was expecting kittens.

Day after day, Sunflower would come to the porch and wait for a meal. But she wasn't used to humans, and always kept a safe distance from them.

After a few weeks, Sunflower became more sociable

After several weeks of being patiently fed by Kara, Sunflower dared to come a little closer. She even let herself be petted. Finally, the cat chose to move in with the family for a few days before giving birth to 5 adorable kittens.

Sunflower had taken the time to make sure the place and humans were safe, before deciding to give birth in this house. She was then very happy to have a roof over her little ones' heads, and not to have to worry about meals. This allowed her to devote herself full-time to her babies.

Mama cat with a big heart

As fate would have it, Kara received a call from the shelter a week later. Two orphaned kittens whose lives were hanging in the balance were in urgent need of a mother.

"That's when our shelter tried to see if we could take these babies. They wanted to see if Sunflower would accept them as their own. It was their best chance of survival, because they were so young and fragile," Kara told Love Meow.

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When Kara returned home with the two little ones, and they started meowing, Sunflower came running. Hearing the kittens' pitiful cries, her maternal instinct kicked in. Without hesitation, she started grooming and nursing the babies. And in just a few minutes, the orphans became full-fledged members of Sunflower's litter.

Today, all the 7 babies are doing very well. They will be put up for adoption, along with their mom, when the time comes.

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Source: Love Meow

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