When a mother dog has just given birth, she may need a little help with her puppies. But when that help comes from a cat, the result is some of the cutest videos ever!

Olive is a Golden Retriever who has recently taken on the role of mom. She lives with a cat called Fig, who has been a great help since she welcomed her puppies. Indeed, Fig doesn't hesitate to lend a helping hand in childcare when he senses that Olive is on edge. An adorable relationship that has resulted in some wonderful and moving videos.

A video of Fig comforting a crying puppy

Source: TikTok screenshot

Fig and Olive's owner has shared a very touching video on TikTok. It shows a Golden Retriever puppy in the foreground, crying. Fig the cat and Olive the dog are behind. But the mother dog looks exhausted and doesn't intervene to calm her little one. Faced with her helplessness, Fig takes action. He buries his head in the puppy's neck and gives him the sweetest hug. And, as if reassured to see her child in good hands, Olive walks away and leaves them alone.


Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever

♬ original sound - Hannah Colson

In another video, Fig grooms and takes care of the puppies

Fig seems to have taken his paternal role seriously. When the puppies' mom isn't around, the cat grooms them. What's more, the puppies seem delighted, with their tails wagging in excitement.


While Olive rests, daddy Fig is put to work #goldenretriever #figandolive #puppydad

♬ I'm A Survivor - Reba McEntire

As the puppies have grown up, Fig enjoys playing with them

In a third video, the pups have grown up. But their bond with their uncle Fig has remained unchanged, and they now enjoy a good game together. What a wonderful video!

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Daddy Fig giving tummy rubs #goldenretriever #puppies #nztiktok

♬ original sound - Hannah Colson

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