This is a very old story, that epitomizes both the kindness of children and the love that animals, particularly dogs, inspire.

When a farmer's dog had given birth to 4 puppies, one the pups was born with motor issues and had great difficulty getting around. Once the puppies were old enough to move to their own families, the farmer offered them for sale.

One day a boy came to the farmer with the intention of adopting one. The man then explained that the parents of the little fur balls had an impressive pedigree and cost a lot. The boy pulled a few dozen bucks out of his pocket and asked if he could at least take a look at them.

The farmer called his dog, Dolly. She came running, followed by her puppies. Far behind, the special needs puppy struggled to keep up, but did his best.

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The boy immediately noticed the special puppy and let the owner know that it was the one he wanted. "Son," the man told him, "he'll never be able to run and play with you the way other dogs do."

"Love costs nothing"

The boy immediately rolled up his trouser leg, revealing a steel prosthesis attached to a specially designed shoe. "You see sir, I don't run very well either. He needs someone who understands him," he retorted.

With tears in his eyes, the farmer picked up the puppy and gave it to the boy. Asking the price of the animal, the boy heard: "It's free. Love costs nothing."

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Source: pets-dating

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