Dogs can boast such intelligence, sensitivity, and adaptability that they can do incredible things even when they have special needs. The story of Pickle is a good illustration of this.

This Border Collie / Greyhound cross puppy was 3 months old when he ended up in the Blue Cross adoption center in Southampton, UK. His owners had bought him from a breeder without knowing he was deaf. They were willing to keep him, but the other animals in the family tended to reject him.

Pickle was immediately entrusted to Kimberley Simpson, a volunteer foster mom. She knew the young dog's only chance at a fresh start was to make him an obedient companion. So she set about teaching him sign commands.

Source: Metro

The puppy had no trouble integrating basic commands and signs such as "stop" signified by showing the palm, or the thumbs-up for praise. Pickle gradually built up his confidence, and became even more enthusiastic and playful.

"It was wonderful to see him so relaxed and happy"

"After the difficult start in life, it was wonderful to see him so relaxed and happy," Kimberley Simpson smiles.

Source: Metro

Several months later Pickle was ready for the next chapter – adoption. A loving family was found for him: Cathie and Graham Dyne, who live in a rural area of Devon, England. The couple were more than happy to open the doors of their home to him to fill the huge void left by their late Collie, who passed away at the age of 17.

Source: Metro

Being lively and full of energy, Pickle quickly became a part of his new family. He even participated in a local dog show and came 3rd in two categories.

We wish this beautiful pooch and his family the best of luck!

Source: Metro

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