It was raining heavily when a driver spotted a lonely orange kitten on the side of the road. The little feline was dripping wet and seemed confused. The woman looked around for the baby's mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

The driver immediately contacted Kelsey Minier, a volunteer with IndyHumane rescue based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Named Jasper, the kitten was delighted to be dry and warm after arriving at the shelter. He had a big appetite and was soon playing with his new toys. He even was given a little strawberry-shaped tent, which he was happy to share with a chick.

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As the days went by, Jasper became even more curious and confident, exploring his new environment. He made friends with June, a cat slightly younger than himself. He instinctively set about comforting and guiding her. It was then that Jasper's vocation became clear.

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At the same time, he could count on the kindness of Penny, the family dog, and Tucker, a cat who preferred to avoid kittens.

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When Jasper was 8 weeks old, Kelsey and the rest of the team started looking for a permanent family for him. However, when the volunteers saw Jasper growing so close to IndyHumane's cat Porsche that they had become inseparable, the decision was made to keep Jasper for good.

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Friend for kittens

Six months later, a tabby kitten named Herbie was welcomed into the rescue. The little feline was unsocialized and needed reassurance. It was clearly the mission for Jasper. "I decided to foster Herbie thinking Jasper could be the friend he needed to learn how to be a family cat," Kelsey says.

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Jasper lived up to his reputation. He encouraged Herbie to come out of his shell and let him know he had nothing to fear from humans. His hostile hissing gave way to gentle purring, and Herbie became a most affectionate pet.

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Jasper did the same for all the kittens he was introduced to. Now 2.5 years old, he is an experienced and caring friend to younger felines, helping them to make the right start in life.

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