One day Hannah and her boyfriend were working in the garden near their house. Suddenly a little kitten came running up to them, looking just awful. It was dripping wet and dirty, and to crown it all it was very thin. It wasn’t clear how he was still able to run and meow so loudly. Obviously, it came to ask people for help.

The little one was lucky, because the couple loved animals and could not leave such a baby in the street. Hannah took the poor thing in her arms and carried it into the house. A few steps away, she heard a quiet meow behind her. The girl turned around and saw another tiny kitten, just as wet and dirty. It was the sister of the first baby.


Hannah grabbed this kitten, and rushed into the house. First she bathed and treated for fleas the kittens. The baby girl was nicknamed Zara and her brother Theon. The boy felt unwell after the bath, but he felt better after the rescuer had given him some medicine.

The little ones now live at Hannah's house. Zara turned out to be a calm and quiet girl, but Theon is growing up to be a real bandit. The boy loves to climb up his mistress’ leg, and she has to put up with his claws.

The little ones are taken care of by the adult dog Bruce. He constantly looks after them, and his fluffy friends love to lie and sleep on him.


That is how a little defenseless kitten with a strong character was able to save himself and his little sister.


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