In 1965, the captain of the merchant four-masted schooner La Merced brought her to Anchorage and moored her at a distant pier. By chance, the ship was left here for 56 long years. During that time, the once proud vessel has become a forest.

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La Merced was first put to sea back in 1917. The schooner took part in World War I, then as a "merchantman" sailed between Portland and California, carrying cargo from the United States even to Australia.

The ship was brought to Alaska much later. The schooner was used by fishermen for a while. The last captain used her as a floating fish factory, and then forgot her at the pier. Most likely, he simply did not want to pay a hefty sum for the disposal of the old ship.

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Over time, trees began to grow on La Merced's hull, which was clogged with coastal sand. By the time the ship was recalled, it was already almost completely overgrown with forest.

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