Two stray dog mothers gave birth to puppies on the street without anyone else's help. They were starving, but they found the strength to help each other through the hard times and raise their puppies together. The power of maternal instinct and friendship that touches you to the core.


Source: Northwest Dog Project

This canine family was spotted by a passerby in an alleyway in Los Angeles. Two mother dogs huddled in a corner, protecting their tiny pups. The alley was their only home, and there the two single mothers were raising their nine puppies despite starvation and horrible conditions.

Source: Northwest Dog Project

The woman couldn't leave this family alone. She asked for help and took all the dogs to her home and then took them to the Northwest Dog Project (NDP) rescue center. When the animals were brought to the veterinary clinic, everyone immediately noticed a strong bond between the two mothers, whom the vets named Thelma and Louise. This comes as no surprise since they found each other in the hardest of times and came together for the sake of their pups.

Source: Northwest Dog Project

The staff of the center were convinced that the owners had decided to get rid of the pregnant dogs and had thrown them to the mercy of fate. The mothers were underweight as they had been living on the street for a long time. But now this is in the past because the main thing is that the mother dogs and their babies are now completely safe, warm, and cared for.

Source: Northwest Dog Project

The moms spend most of their time taking care of the pups. "They seem to have established some sort of order," says one of the employees of the center. "While one mom licks the puppies, the other one feeds them. At the same time, we don't know which puppies belong to who. We've never seen anything like this!"

At first, the dog moms were nervous, because they were worrying about the puppies. But they soon realized that they were safe there and became much gentler and kinder, constantly demanding attention from the staff.

Source: Northwest Dog Project

After this amazing story of Thelma and Louise had been posted on the center's website, many people were extremely touched by it. One woman wrote: "Single moms unite!"

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The adorable puppies, meanwhile, are 5 weeks old. For now, the playful babies will stay with their mothers, but when they are older and stronger, permanent owners will be looked for them. Their loving mothers will also be taken in families after they are spayed.

“This family is really why we do this,” the director of the NDP said. She added that seeing those two rescued happy mothers raising their babies was a true joy that brought tears to her eyes.


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