A woman was walking past Walmart and saw a sale nearby. She bought the bag she liked and went home. However, after opening the hidden compartment of the bag, the woman realized that there was a secret message hidden inside.

Laura Wallace bought a bag in a shop near Walmart. The owner of the shop assured the woman that most of his goods were the stock of that big retailer.

The woman was on business all day long, so she was only able to look at her purchases at home. Laura opened each compartment one by one and in the last one, probably the one for the documents, she found a small note scrawled in Mandarin Chinese.

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Intrigued she went to her Chinese-speaking friends. They quickly translated the message and it turned out that the note was written by workers of a large factory. They complained about working conditions.

“We work hard, but we don't get paid enough. Look at the beautiful things our factory makes for sale. We want to publicize the owner's income so that he would raise our wages and pay us fairly," the authors of the message wrote.

The back also revealed the name of the factory and the city in which it was located. Laura first contacted Walmart, who confirmed that the bag was on sale from their stock. The reputation of the store is very important in the USA; big retailers do not cooperate with factories that violate workers' rights.

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Walmart representatives promised to look into the situation and temporarily ceased cooperation with that factory. Maybe the note Laura found will actually help workers get more money.

Source: trendymen

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