Sinead Cottam's two sons and daughter celebrate their birthdays on January 11 each year. But how did the woman manage to plan her pregnancy this way?

The children celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Source: Caters

Sinead, 31, shares her incredible story. She gave birth to 3 children in different years, but on the same day. Now Lewis, 11, Shae, 5, and Demi, 2, share their birthday with each other. The eldest son Lewis was the luckiest, since he managed to celebrate his birthday without siblings for the first 6 years of his life. However, his brother was born just when he was celebrating his sixth birthday. Doctors had predicted that the delivery would take place four days later, but the mother welcomed her second child earlier.

According to Sinead, they had planned to go to a birthday party after school, but Shae decided to show up early for his brother's birthday. That's why Lewis had to go to his grandparents on his birthday.

“He wasn't happy,” the woman shares.

Sinead thought that a little brother would be a great birthday present for her eldest son, but Lewis didn't appreciate it. Three years later, she became pregnant again, and this time she was expecting a daughter. The due date was January 15, but the little girl decided otherwise. The boys welcomed their younger sister Demi right on their birthday on January 11, 2019.

“They were excited for a little sister but due to late complications I needed a C-Section and I could not believe my ears when the midwife told me the only date available was January 11,” says the woman.

Sinead's C-Section was scheduled to take place on January 11. Source: The Sun

Sinead’s eldest son didn’t take his mother’s words seriously when she said that the C-Section was scheduled on January 11. The boy was surprised that he and his brother would have to share their birthday with their sister, too.

The woman gave birth to 3 children on January 11. Source: Caters

“Shae wasn’t quite three so he didn’t understand but Lewis was nine and he thought I was joking,” Sinead shares.

Sinead notes that people don’t believe her when she says that all her three children share the same birthday.

“I don’t know how rare it is, but the nurses had never heard of it before and nobody believes me it’s all for the same day when I order three cakes, or buy three sets of birthday banners,” adds the woman.

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