When the staff of an animal shelter returned to work after a weekend, they found a female American Pit Bull Terrier and her tiny puppies in the backyard. There were ten little ones altogether.

Source: lemurov.net

The find made the staff perplexed, because the person who had left the puppies saw that the shelter was closed for the weekend and that no one would be there during those two days. Not warned the staff this person left the animals without food or water.

Source: lemurov.net

The pups’ mother was without a lead, so she could run away at any time. But would a real mother do that? No, the hungry and thirsty dog faithfully guarded her tiny puppies for two days. The adult Pit Bull Terrier only whimpered quietly, asking for help.

Source: lemurov.net

This breed of dog is known to be aggressive. But the animal turned out to be extremely sweet and kind. Despite the fact that a human betrayed her, she neither became embittered nor showed signs of aggression. The dog calmly let the shelter staff approach her and her babies. The mother gave her permission to pet and take the pups for examination.

The adult dog was also examined. Evidently, she had been previously cared for. Fortunately, her babies were healthy. The dog family was placed on a comfortable dog bed at the shelter.

The owners probably took the dog just to play with. And when she brought them such a large litter, the owners decided to get rid of all of them at once.

Source: lemurov.net

Now the mother Pit Bull Terrier and her ten puppies still live at the shelter. Here they are fed and watered. When the puppies are older, they will find loving families. The shelter staff also hope to find faithful friends for the mother Pit Bull Terrier.

Source: lemurov.net

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