Our appearance can tell so much about our morals, education, and lifestyle. However, the way people look should not be the reason to discriminate against them.

Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

Blogger Coby Persin, 23, conducted a social experiment showing how appearance predetermines the way you are treated.

Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

Dressed as a homeless person, he approached expensive restaurants, but was immediately stopped by security.

Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

When Persin asked if he could sit down at a table and look at the menu, he would get this response: "I'm sorry. You can't do that. This place is too expensive for you.”

Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

The "homeless man" claimed to have money, but still he was not allowed into the restaurant.

The security guard said, "Get out of here," or "Eat at McDonald's!"

Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

However, the offended guy had called his friend, who drove up a minute later in a luxury car. Persin took a briefcase with the money and showed it to the guard. The security man was at a loss for words.

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Source: Coby Persin / YouTube

"The way you judge people by their appearance is crazy," Persin said with some frustration.

He drove away leaving the guard speechless.

This social experiment only proved how we judge people by their appearance and ignore who they really are.

Source: Fabiosa

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