Emma, a mother of three, was driving up to the gas station. It was Christmas Eve, holiday music was playing inside the car, and Emma was in good spirits. Suddenly the woman saw a huge spider crawling across the windshield. The creepiest thing was that to see the insect inside the car!

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Emma carefully pulled into the gas station, all the time looking to the right to see if the spider was going to jump. At the gas station, having resisted the urge to swat the insect, Emma gently picked up the spider and tossed it into the bushes.

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She didn't seem to have anything else to worry about. She even had the courage to take a picture. The insect turned out to be a giant crab spider or Huntsman spider. They look quite sinister, but they are completely harmless.

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A few days later, Emma was driving her car again. But this time she had three baby spiders in the car with her. They were just driving along a busy highway when the first tiny spider crawled out onto the dashboard. After it, more spiderlings crawled out of different crevices. Emma’s eldest daughter sitting in the front seat was terrified. The younger children in the back seats were unable to move. The family somehow managed to get to safety and run away in sheer terror.

Source: Cosi Andrew Costello

It turned out that before showing up in front of the car owner, the female spider had managed to lay eggs. Soon after that, a whole swarm of tiny spiderlings hatched, literally taking over the car. A week later Emma looked into the car to see that its interior was all covered in spider webs. According to Emma there were about 200 spiderlings that seemed to be having a party there: the little ones were swinging on the webs, flying from one seat to another, or running merrily from the dashboard to the door handle.

Emma slammed the car door and began to think frantically what to do.

"At least you'll never be bothered by flies," her friends said.

Finally, Emma bought the most powerful insect repellent she could find at the supermarket and sprayed it in the car. Although Emma had been able to get rid of spiders, her children were afraid of getting into the "contaminated" car for a long time. But in the end, they looked into every crevice and made sure that there were no uninvited guests in the car.

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