Zonkeys, zenkeys, zebroids, zorses and many others are the fruits of love between the animals of the equine family, that belong to different subgenera. It is extremely rare that such animals as zebras and horses, donkeys and zebras show interest in each other, but sometimes it happens and then extremely cute animals are born. Let's try to understand who is who in such interspecies families and what are they properly called?


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It is a foal born from a cross between a zebra stallion and a horse mare. The zorse is more hardy than the horse, but it is of little use in farming or racing, as it inherits zebra’s independent and obstinate nature, that is used to living in the wild. It looks more like a horse, but it usually gets its stripes from a zebra as well, so it looks very bright and unusual. This animal is the perfect one to admire, if you do decide to get a zorse in your household. It is an extremely rare hybrid, but still more likely to be found in the wild than the unicorn.

Zonkeys, zenkeys, zedonk

Source: novochag

The name of the subgenus that resulted from a mating of a zebra and a donkey. Basically, this interbreeding is possible if the father is a zebra and the mother is a donkey. However, occasionally there is a connection between the male donkey and a female zebra. Most often name is zedonk.

A zedonk is a very cute animal. Is has absorbed the bright traits of its parents. It is very free-spirited and independent (like a zebra) as well as stubborn (like a donkey). But the zedonk's appearance balances out all the character flaws! Zedonk looks like a cartoon character. Small in stature and with striped legs. We're waiting for it to become a major Disney character!


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The zebroid is a hybrid of a zebra and a horse.

The zebroid is simply the common name for a zebra hybrid with anything equine, horse, donkey, or pony. Yes, yes, pony and zebra hybrids occur too! They are even more cartoonish than zebroids, if that's even possible!

Source: novochag

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