Jennifer and Roberto Sollazzo from Sydney love to spoil their beloved 8-year-old rabbit, Butterscotch, to the point that he even has his own bedroom in their three-bedroom apartment and more than 100 outfits.

The couple regularly shares a couch with their pampered pet and spends about $30 a week on fresh vegetables and treats for the furry pet.


Jennifer, 36, even admits that Butterscotch rules their home: "He has almost the whole apartment. He jumps on the couch with us to watch TV and also joins us in bed to cuddle. Wherever we are, he's with us."

The bunny is always nicely dressed and has with a large wardrobe worth more than $300, which includes accessories such as sunglasses, bow ties, and bandanas.


"People tend to think that bunnies are incapable of understanding anything, but that's not true. He's also quite sassy and bossy. He certainly lets us know what he wants. We adore him. We just love him so much, and he makes us so happy."

Butterscotch is taken for walks on the beach and trips to restaurants, and he loves the attention he gets from strangers.


"We love the outdoor lifestyle and he's really a member of the family, so we like to take him for walks on the beach or to cafes. He loves the attention he gets when he's outside the house, and I love sharing his cuteness with everyone. When people see him on a leash, they always hesitate and then come up to talk to us. We love seeing people's reactions to him," the bunny’s owner says.


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