In 2017, Tim Davidson was living in his parents' suburban home in Florida when suddenly they told him he had 60 days to move out. No, they didn't kick him out on the street, since the guy wasn't in distress. At first he thought about buying a traditional house, but after getting into minimalism, he realized that a big house would lead to unused space and unnecessary stuff, so he opted to buy a mobile home.

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But a motorhome had to be parked somewhere, so he decided to buy a tiny island for that purpose.

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"I've always been attracted to minimalism, although I didn't realize I was attracted to it. I just had less stuff than the average American, but enough that I could live my lifestyle and be considered a minimalist," Tim said.

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Shortly before his parents' deadline, Tim bought a 25-square-foot motorhome. The house cost $70,000 and, according to Tim, had everything he needed. The house has two tiny second floors, a full bathroom, living room and kitchen.

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A view of the other upper floor, which can only be reached by a ladder located on the refrigerator. 

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There is also a small house on the island for relaxing and meetings with friends.

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