In a forest in Washington state, artist Jacob Witzling Hamby built an unusual house that embodied his childhood dream. Although outwardly this fabulous house is very small, inside it is more spacious than it may seem at first glance.

Wonderful idea. Source:

Jacob had the idea of creating a small house for himself after he met a girl who lived in a cabin. He himself decided to live in similar conditions for a while. First he chose one small house for himself, then he moved to another. And then it occurred to him that he could build such a dwelling with his own hands. The artist sought permission from the owner of the forest where he now lives, and received his permission to build.

Meticulous construction. Source:

Jacob wanted his house to look as if it were part of the forest. He was particularly successful in the roof. Some of the materials have already been used in other houses. For example, the veranda was built from wood from an old bowling alley.

Cozy interior. Source:

Inside Jacob has created a comfortable environment for modern man to live in.

Spacious bedroom. Source:


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