The owners of this house have not tidied it up for two years. They neither took out the garbage nor washed the floors, and had the dishes piled up not only in the sinks but also on the tables. Finally, they invited a cleaner, who spent three days at the house tidying it up. After that the woman showed before and after photos of the house, that the owners had been about to tear down because of the overwhelming amount of trash.

Kerry Mills, 36, considers herself a real professional cleaner. In the UK this profession pays big money when it comes to the pros' services.

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That's why when Kerry was going to the house in Dover, she took it with enthusiasm and wasn't too worried about the abundance of garbage. At least until she saw the scope of work.

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"I could smell it from the doorstep. I went into the house, stepping over piles of garbage. I should have left at that point!" Mills says.

But it was too late to step back. Kerry bought protective overalls and a respirator, both essential to stay in the house. She also had to order a dumpster to haul away the trash.

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"Just imagine that you have not been taking out the garbage for two years. I'm not exaggerating, it took 152 huge trash bags to clean it all up," the woman explains.

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Kerry stayed at the junk-filled house for three days. But in the end she managed to tidy up the place, not leaving a trace of the junk kingdom behind.

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On seeing the transformation, the owners realized how much the house had been neglected. Most likely they will treat the house more carefully in the future.

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