A girl named Meghan Sorbar accidentally spotted three little kittens on the street. They were snuggling up to each other and crying very pitifully. The girl decided to find their mother, but unfortunately, the momma cat was nowhere to be found. The babies were all alone, and Meghan had no idea what happened to their mother.

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Meghan decided to take them in, because if she had left them, they would have been doomed to die. When the girl leaned over to pick up the babies, she saw two of them were lying on their sides warming the third kitten.

Later it became clear why they were doing that. It turned out that the white kitty was very weak and couldn't walk or even hold her head. Her two brothers helped their sister as best as they could.

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On returning home, Meghan fed and bathed the litter. Sorbar named the kittens Pistachio, Coconut, and Praline because when she found the kittens was just on her way to buy an ice cream.

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The girl's dog named Bestie happily accepted the babies. Bestie virtually became their foster mother that surrounded the tiny kittens with love and care.

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The dog paid a lot of attention to the sick girl, since she needed special care. It was thanks to the caring foster mom that Pistachio got better and even started walk.

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That's how the dog became a loving foster mom to the little kittens.

Source: nubenews

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