The puppy was sitting near a market in Sri Lanka, wagging her tail relentlessly in front of passers-by. She was doing her best to make sure someone noticed her and picked her up. Suddenly Lek Chailert and other rescuers from Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, caught her eye. Employees of the organization help elephants in trouble. Lek and his rescue team came to Sri Lanka to conduct research. Fortunately, they spotted the puppy on one of the streets of Nuwara Eliya.

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The little one struggled to get attention, wagging her tail relentlessly. However, thousands of people kept walking by. Elephant Nature Park employees stopped to pet the puppy for a moment and then went on their way since they were in a hurry.

The puppy, however, decided not to miss his chance, and followed them. Having noticed this, the rescuers picked up the dog and brought the pup back to where they first saw her. Nevertheless, the little one didn't give up, and kept running after them.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Lek and the other rescuers decided to find the puppy a family, but it proved to be quite a challenge. First they tried talking to several passers-by, offering to take the dog in, but they all refused.

Their hope had almost faded when they came up with the idea to ask their driver, Tushar, for help. Tushar agreed to take the dog in. Lek and her team bathed the puppy and put her on a blanket, where the dog fell asleep clean, soft, and warm for the first time in her life.

Three years have passed since then, and the puppy named Lek Lek has already become a member of the Tushar family. At last she lives a happy life in a loving family. It's amazing that even after three years, Lek Lek still recognizes her savior Lek.

Source: nubenews

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