Chris Zemlak's brother, Gordon Petri, was struggling with drug addiction. He often disappeared, and one day he finally stopped keeping in touch with his family. After extensive search the family put up with losing Gordon for ever.

Chris has a successful life. After her graduation she has become a real professional. However, the woman still wanted to find out what happened to her unfortunate brother. The truth came out 22 years after her brother Gordon had disappeared. That was when she received a very special photo.

One of Zemlak's friends brought her an illustration to an article that told of a hobo living in a small barn behind a Ukrainian Catholic church in Surrey, UK.

Source: Lemurov

The man was a spitting image of her lost brother. So Chris decided to go to Surrey and see if that man was Gordon Petri.

And indeed the woman met her sibling, who told that he had been wandering the streets for years until he met a local priest. The kind man allowed Gordon to live in a small cottage on the church's premises. Gordon took on security duties for his part.

Source: Lemurov

This is how the missing man describes their reunion: "It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. And then Chris looked out from around the corner, and I was blissfully happy."

Unfortunately, Gordon had to leave the parish, because his cottage was soon pulled down. His sister helped him to settle in a council house.

Source: Lemurov

The man even celebrated his 51st birthday with his family. Chris says she won't let her brother go again.

Source: Lemurov

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