George, an elderly man, lives all alone in the suburbs of London. Out of boredom the man started feeding the raven that came to his balcony. Over time George got used to bringing food to the bird every day. One year later, the clever bird decided to thank the man by bringing him an extremely valuable thing.

George lived alone after his wife had left him. He was not sociable and did not seek communication with friends or relatives. The raven has become the only friend for the man, and so he welcomed each day with a smile, since he knew that the bird would come to the balcony again.

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In winter, George had to leave to see his daughter living in another city. The man constantly remembered the raven and thought that it had probably flown away long ago in search of food. Finally, George returned home.

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The next morning, he heard a familiar knock on the window. George opened the balcony door and saw his raven with a shiny item in its beak. The crow threw the 'gift' and jumped away. The man picked it up and understood that it was his ex-wife's earring that she had lost long ago.

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No one knows where the crow got it. But these birds are very smart. They are also capable of empathy, as proved by tests of ornithologists.

The raven still comes to George's balcony. Although it does not bring gifts anymore, it is no longer needed.

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