A store employee noticed a cat on the street and decided to take it in the store. The cat lived in the area, so the employee thought that it would be convenient for the cat to be fed at the store as well as to stay there at night. The pet quickly got used to his new home. However, six months later people started finding bills under the door in the mornings.

The first person to notice the bill at the entrance was a store manager named Stuart McDaniel. He thought that it had just been dropped by one of the customers and didn't pay any attention to the incident.

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A few days later, however, it happened again. In the morning, several bills were again at the door.

The store staff began to suspect that the newly adopted cat was somehow bringing the money there. The furry friend often liked to lie by the glass door after closing, so he was visible from the outside.

The store employees decided to do an experiment and see if their pet was the real culprit.

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McDaniel decided to test the theory by closing the door and slipping a bill in while the cat was lying in the sun nearby. The trickster immediately spotted the bill and with a nimble movement pulled it inside in a fraction of a second.

So the theory was proved. After that Stuart installed a camera to watch the cat.

Suspicions were confirmed, since one evening a man walked by and decided to play with the cat with the dollar. Naturally, in a second he lost it.

In the hours that followed, other passersby noticed the cat and the dollar on the floor and decided to play with it too. Within hours, the cat already had quite a few bills on the floor.

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After seeing how their pet was 'earning' money at night, McDaniel decided that the revenue should be used for a good purpose. He began donating it to a charity to help the city's homeless on behalf of his store cat.

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