A young married couple, Corrine and Alex Martin, decided to get a pet. After considering several dog breeds, they chose the Golden Retriever. The couple adopted a beautiful girl from the kennels, which they named Lily.

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At first, the little girl behaved like a normal healthy puppy, running about the house cheerfully and playing with toys. However, three months later the couple noticed that the doggie started urinating frequently. After a trip to the vet, they discovered that Lily had a serious condition of kidney dysplasia. At the end of the examination, the doctor upset Corrine and Alex, telling them that the puppy would not live more than a year.

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The couple were saddened to hear the news, but since Lily had so little time left, they decided to make her live this short time as best as possible. For their pet's sake, they moved from the U.S. to Hawaii, where their pet is enjoying doggie heaven. Lily surfs the waves or just swims in the ocean, drinks her favorite drink, "puppuchino," which tastes like cappuccino, and basks in the sun.

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Lily enjoys swimming so much that she virtually never gets out of the water and her owners have nicknamed her 'Sea Dog'.

The pooch's illness has not been cured, despite he has had acupuncture and massage treatments. Because of frequent urination at night, Lily has to sleep in a diaper. But despite this and the vet's pessimistic predictions, Lily has lived four happy years. During that time the couple became parents of an adorable little girl and a boy. The furry pet was able to become a wonderful babysitter for the little ones.

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This is what real love and care can do.

Source: mimimetr

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