Children become extremely attached to their four-legged friends. And when separated with their pets, it is more difficult for the little ones to get over the loss than for adults.

This story is about a Korean girl who had a little furry friend living on the street. The faithful dog walked the girl to school and waited until she was free to walk her home. The schoolgirl had long asked her mother to take the doggie in, but the woman refused.

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One day after a heavy rain the doggie got very wet and the girl, disobeying her mother, brought him home. When the woman saw the dog, she was outraged. The girl begged her mom to leave the dog, but the woman was adamant. However, after a while, her mother's heart could not withstand the girl's entreaties. The woman gave her permission to keep the animal, but on condition that her daughter takes care of it until permanent owners are found.

The girl jumped for joy. She named her friend King Kong. Finally, the two were reunited, how happy they were to be together!

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But one day some people showed up to take the doggie. The woman told her daughter that it would be better for King Kong to stay with new foster parents. While the girl was on her way to King Kong's new home, she hummed songs and did not think about parting at all. However, when the little girl got back into the car without her furry pet, she finally realized the bitterness of her loss. The girl cried bitterly the entire way home and continued to do so for the next few days.

The mother could not endure seeing her daughter crying and already regretted that she had given the dog to another family.

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King Kong also missed his little friend. The pet refused to eat and was sitting all day long by the door, waiting for the girl to come back for him.

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One day the doorbell rang. When the girl's mom opened it, she saw on the doorstep King Kong's new owners with the dog in their arms. They explained that the doggie longed for his little friend, so they decided to return him.

The happy pet jumped out of their arms, ran to the girl's room, and bounded up to her. The little girl cried with happiness and hugged her beloved friend. The doggie started licking the little girl's face and wagging its tail.

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So this story ended in such a wonderful way. The best friends reunited and now no one will separate them again.

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