About 2.5 years ago, volunteers picked up the poor injured dog on the side of the road. His legs were broken and his jaw was fractured. Peanut was recovering for several months, while shelter employees were busy with his socialization.

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One day a young kitty Lucy was brought in to join the dog. Although the kitty was very shy and afraid of people, she immediately went to Peanut, feeling that this huge dog could give her protection.

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This is how a great cat love emerged. Like a real woman, the kitty tried to be constantly near her object of affection. When Peanut was sleeping, the cat would climb on his head or rest by his fluffy side. Lucy would cuddle up to the dog, pet him, or flirt with him. Even after being spayed, the cat did not stop loving her dog and continued to show all signs of affection.

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The shelter staff didn't know what to do with both pets. Friendship between a dog and a cat is not an uncommon thing at the shelter, but this is the first time the staff has seen such passionate love. Peanut can certainly live without his meowing friend, but the kitty can't.

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After a while a family with a dog was found for Lucy. However, the cat could not forget her beloved dog and flatly refused to communicate with the new owners. Moreover, she would not even let a strange dog near her. So Lucy had to be brought back to the shelter to stay with Peanut.

Now the shelter staff is looking for a home for this sweet couple. Peanut is a 7-year-old good-natured giant, calm and friendly. He is 1 ft 10 at height and weighs 57 lbs. Lucy is only one-year-old cat, that is not very eager to meet new people. Nevertheless, the cat is sweet since when she gets used to new people she becomes sociable.

Source: mimimetr

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