Mark Benton bought a plot of land in rural Iowa. On the abandoned farm premises the entrepreneur was going to set up a factory, but unexpectedly his expenses were more than paid off.

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Before inviting workers to demolish the buildings, the man visited the recently acquired property. The dilapidated wooden garage revealed a rare Jaguar Mark 2. This car, considered a timeless classic, was produced for eight years from 1959 to 1967. The car is rather rare since only 84 thousand cars were produced.

It is noteworthy that such expensive business-class sports cars are mostly found in Europe. How the black Mark 2 appeared in the abandoned countryside is still unclear.

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Documents, found in a sedan, show that the car has not passed tech inspection since the 80s. Certainly, such a long stay in an abandoned garage has affected this car not in the best way.

Source: lemurov

But even in such a condition the car can bring Mark Benton several hundred thousand dollars when sold at auction.

Source: lemurov

Source: lemurov

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