The population of Chongqing, China, exceeds 40 million, which is twice as big as in New York State. At the same time, the area of the city itself is much smaller. In an attempt to solve the city's traffic problem, the local authorities have come up with an extremely unusual solution. They laid rails of the city trains right through the multi-storey building.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The train station inside the building occupies the entire space from the sixth to the eighth floors. The authors of the project assure that due to special technology the noise of the train doesn't disturb the residents at all.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The train station is also located inside, which means that the residents of the house do not even need to go outside to get to another city location. The walls of some apartments overlook the tunnel.

But so far no one is planning to move out. On the contrary, the house has become a local landmark.

The overpopulation problem in Chongqing cannot be solved by the unusual railroad alone. Soon the local authorities will have to come up with some other solution.

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