A resident of Canada, known on social media as Remy, is a big fan of piercings and tattoos. The guy was so inspired by the drawings on his skin that he decorated almost his entire body with them: legs, arms, torso, neck, and even his face and head. Recently, however, Remy remembered what he had looked like before.

Long years of transformation. Source: Instagram

The guy shared a collage on Instagram, where on the left was a photo of him from 2005. In it, Remy was simply unrecognizable. A rounded face, pigtails, and most importantly, the lack of tattoos. Followers couldn't believe their eyes and said that age and hobbies did the guy well.

Happy in everyday life. Source: Instagram

Remy himself indicated that he wasn't going to stop and wanted to live his life vividly. And he is helped in this by his beloved wife, who also shares the guy's passion for tattoos.

"Until my last breath, I plan to take risks, do new things, and fill my cup with the best and worst that life has to offer."

Photos from personal archive. Source: Instagram

Source: wday.com

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