Today we're going to show you pictures of real people who live in tiny houses - most of these dwellings are less than 18 square feet. That's less than the average bedroom in the United States.

Minimalistic living. Source:

Lina's tiny home in Oregon of just over 9 square feet.

Cozy interior. Source:

Arthur parks his house (11 square feet) behind a climbing wall in Louisiana.

The owner of a miniature house. Source:

Mobile housing. Source:

Brittany built her little house (12 square feet) in Washington state after seeing small houses abroad.

Author of architectural project. Source:

Everything you need at hand. Source:

John built his dwelling on top of an old fire engine.

The creative homeowner. Source:

Space for a lot of things. Source:

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Laura and Matt's cabin measures 11 square feet and is located on a mountain in North Carolina.

Tiny housing for two. Source:

Smart interior. Source:

The tiny houses are equipped with tiny kitchens, miniature bathrooms, and multifunctional furniture.


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